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Norfolk and Middlesex County's Elite Remodeling Specialists
With an exceptional eye for detail, insistence on the highest-quality materials, and constant communication with our clients, we at Allain Construction, Inc. have built a stellar reputation in the MetroWest area.

I have installed kitchens for Peter Allain and his crew. As an installer, it is refreshing to work with a team that pays attention to the inner workings of each job. They have the skills to do the work themselves, but know when to hire quality subs to keep jobs moving. Before my team arrives, they work out parking, power source, and prepare place for us to set up shop. They take time to coordinate with other trades to ensure a smooth install. When complications arise, and there are always a couple, they make it a priority work out a solution. Peter is a stand up guy. He builds a rapport with clients and tradesmen that makes everyone involved feel like an important part of the proc...